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Outlook for science & engineering fields

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    What do you think of the enginering and science fields form a job outlook angle.I've read a lot one this subject and I think it is very unstable.At least in America.I mean do you think that outsourcing/offshoring is a danger?
    or is it worse the general lack of interest and the lack of labour in science and technology fields.
    these trends i've noticed are pretty bad though.

    Shortage of native talent
    Less and less interest in teaching science and teaching it properly
    lack of interest and poor image of engineering and science

    It's a scary world man ,look out
    but remember in my own opinion it is best if we study and work in science and technology because the more there are the more health the field has most of the trends I noticed would be helped if there were more people in the field.

    or so I think , what do you think?
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    Re: Outlook for science & engineering fields

    Engineering prospects look good to me.

    http://finance.yahoo.com/college-education/article/107402/most-lucrative-college-degrees.html?mod=edu-collegeprep [Broken]
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    Re: Outlook for science & engineering fields

    You can check the BLS OOH for all sorts of projection figures, for America at least. In summary, engineering and science is doing pretty good on the whole, but some areas are doing better than others. Go check it out. It should be required reading for people applying to college.
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    Re: Outlook for science & engineering fields

    I do agree with the bad perspective. When I first got into science and tech I scared myself out of it, because I felt it was "cold and logical". Now as I mature I realize that it isn't that at all its full of creativity, logic is there yes, but logic is also good.

    Its all about the values we are given. Grow up get a broad education work in an office. Be "creative" while pushing papers...

    I think the education system needs to be revamped in two ways.

    1) a better focus on maths and sciences
    2) more importance on creative thinking rather than testing (AP tests are the ultimate death of education in the High school Classroom... teachers teach to the test and that gets better results than teaching the subject)
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