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Over specialization in aerospace graduate studies?

  1. Oct 22, 2012 #1
    Hey all, to give you some background info: I'm about to graduate with an undergrad degree in mechanical engineering and I'm planning on pursuing a graduate degree in aerospace. Originally, I was only looking at Masters programs. But I am now strongly leaning towards doing a PhD track because of funding, and if things are going poorly after a couple years I figure I can bail out with a master's (I realize that that is probably frowned upon though).

    Anyway, I've been working on my statement of purpose and deciding what specific area of research I'd like to shoot for. Broadly, I'd like to get into propulsion because it relates to my current research area (which I enjoy) and I think it would be interesting. I've been looking towards spacecraft propulsion and even more specifically, ion propulsion. On to my actual question. If I were to end up studying electric propulsion methods (which I know is by no means guaranteed at this point), would I be overspecialized by the time I get out of grad school? I imagine there aren't that many positions relating to electronic propulsion. i.e. Would it be better to state on my SOP that I want to get into a more traditional field of research?

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