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Overheating of Three phase Induction motor

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    Dear friends,

    3 phase ind motor is overheated and also tripped during operation. The heat over the induction motor is extremely hot. What will be the reason? Is it due to coil damage inside of motor.? Kindly reply, thank you!
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    The best way to find out why the motor is overheating is to talk to the motor manufacture.
    Is the motor overloaded?
    Are all three phase voltages equal?
    Are all line currents equal?
    Do the coils show indications of arcing or overheating?
    What is extremely hot?
    One engineer was telling me about motors that were overheating. The aluminum windings (windings or whatever they are called) in the rotor were shorted to the rotor. The engineer would take the rotor out of the motor and heat it until the aluminum windings oxidized and then put it back in the motor. (The user usually had a heart attack while he was doing this) The motor would then not overheat. DON'T try this without getting the motor manufacture's approval.
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