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Driving three phase induction motor with single phase supply

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    hi guys,
    am working on variable speed drive system. My aim is to make a low cost drive system for three phase induction motor. Current system employs three phase AC-DC and DC-AC converters, which has 12 switches in total. I have one idea...i found three phase inverter topology which has 4 switches. If i incorporate 4 switch inverter topology with single phase rectifier bridge, then i have 8 switches. am using three phase motor. My doubt is (1)will it be possible to drive the motor with single phase supply?...and (2)will motor be able to draw power equivalent to three phase supply?...(3) how reliable is that?
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    Are you considering every diode in the single phase rectifier a switch? I don't quite follow that...

    I know that the cost of the AB Powerflex 40 I bought ($600, 2kw) are quite independent of the cost of the semiconductors involved in building it..

    I have heard of a capacitor/inducer system to shift phases and generate the 3rd phase, but of course this won't work with a variable frequency system
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    There are many existing ways of doing this and many ready made systems are available .

    I suggest that you do some background research before going any further with your own design .
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