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B Oxygen + Hydrogen from water, it safe?

  1. Oct 22, 2015 #1
    hi, my name is jake, Im life in Borneo, the island us smoke caused the affected persons who are not responsible for the burning of our forests, and we are currently in desperate need of oxygen, because here there is only smoke.

    I saw a youtube video tutorials on how to separate oxygen and hydrogen from water in youtube

    I want to ask, is it safe to breathe both?
    if there are no harmful side effects?

    I DO NOT KNOW anything about science, but I want to help my family and my friends to be able to breathe fresh oxygen back.

    sorry for my bad english.
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    Yes the oxygen made from water in this way is pure oxygen, it is safe to breath.
    It's easy to collect the oxygen separate from the hydrogen, although hydrogen is not toxic if you did breath in some of it.
    However it will take a long time to make a useful amount of oxygen this way, and quite a lot of electricity.

    If the air quality is really so bad at times, it is possible to purchase Oxygen in a pressurized container.
    I don't know what kind of suppliers would have this in your area, but a local hospital may be able to advise you since you are trying to fix a health hazard, and hospitals regularly use bottled oxygen for a number of reasons
    They might even support you to get the burning stopped if they agree it is casing health problems.

    It is probably not healthy to breath 100% pure oxygen for a long time, your body is used to breathing air which is about 20% Oxygen.
    (Most of the other 80% is Nitrogen which is not used by your body when you breath.)
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    thankyou for your help :)
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    I think it would be far easier to make clean air by filtering out the smoke than trying to produce oxygen in this way.

    You need to know that a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is highly explosive! Hydrogen is also a Greenhouse gas so you shouldn't just release it...

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    Well, safety depends how extreme you are going to go with it. The biggest danger is that hydrogen + oxygen is explosive.
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    No. It is NOT safe. Not at all.

    Khashishi is correct. By separating water into H and O, you are creating the circumstances for quite a devastating explosion and fire
    1] H an O really like to re-combine, and will do so at the drop of a large, and explosive hat.
    2] Pure oxygen alone is extremely dangerous. Everything will burn (like, everything, including people) quite enthusiastically in its presence.
    3] Pure oxygen, unless administered by a skilled professional, can be harmful - even lethal.

    You would be putting your family in far more danger than anything from smoke.

    Do not do.
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    Producing hydrogen at home is highly dangerous, and we won't discuss this here.
    Pure oxygen also has some issues (it will react with many things, and it can be toxic.

    Apart from safety issues, the approach is completely impractical. There is no lack of oxygen in Borneo, the concentration is still around 20% as everywhere. The problem are the additional particles in the air ("smoke"). You don't need more oxygen, you need a particle filter.
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