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Parabolic Photovoltaic Solar Tower

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    I am attempting to design my own Parabolic photovoltaic solar tower for a school project. I am working on numbers at the moment, but any helpful Ideas about mirror angles or Pv collector chip placement would really be great. Also I plan on using a shaped Non-Imaging Fresnel lens to help concentrate the sunlight on my collectors. I hope to be able to build a small scale model which would be capable of powering one 110v electrical outlet. I only have 5 weeks to design and build this model so any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
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    What is the maximum light power flux density that your solar cells will be able to withstand? Like, what is their maximum rated junction temperature, and how are you heat sinking them? What is the thermal resistance of your heat sinking arrangement?

    With the above info, you can calculate the maximum concentration ratio of your lensing system. Most of the concentration-based solar converters that I've seen use thermal-based conversion and a high concentration ratio. If you're going to use solar cells for the conversion, I would guess that the maximum concentration ratio would be like 4x or so? Maybe more with very effective heat sinking.....
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