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    PV system with an array of 1500 watts

    Hello all, I am in deep water here based on my very fundamental understanding of physics generally and solar design specifically. I am 83 years, homeless, and have access to land with one building, wood heat, non-potable site water, and nothing else. I want to make a PV system with an array...
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    Solar PV:What happens to the lost energy?inductive recovery?

    Hi there, I am new in here, thanks for any reply. I took same title of a previous closed 3D by pranj5. As understood main part of the energy absorbed by PV panels goes in reflection and heat. The heat origins mainly in electrons that are excited but not enough to jump or they jump but they...
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    Simplicity as an advantage of a certain method or approach to a problem

    hi, i dont know if this qualifies as a question or not, but this is something i can't really understand. i am an engineering undergrad, when we are learning about the pros and cons of different method of doing anything , for example maximum power point tracking in PV systems, we discussed a...
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    Using a photodiode in optical communications

    Homework Statement [/B] As part of my coursework in a sensor systems module at university I was given the question: State the most important reason why the photovoltaic (as opposed to photoconductive) mode would be the most suitable choice for a long distance fibre optic transmission system...
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    Current limit through solar cell (forward bias)

    How much current can be forced through a photovoltaic (solar) cell before its performance starts to deteriorate? In certain accelerated lifetime testing 1.25xIsc is forced through a solar module while it sits inside a chamber (no incident light). Is there a theoretical limit to the amount of...
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    Short Circuit Current in Solar PV Cells

    I'm reading about short circuit current in a solar PV cell and I am a little confused. The short circuit current is defined as the current across the solar cell when there is zero potential difference across the cell. At this point the short circuit current is equal to the light current. What...