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Parallel amazment.

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    Schneibster posted this link and I'm glad he did becuase it's very interesting. After reading it I have one question because I don't completely understand this diagram:


    Gray is forbidden space. My question is, if gray is forbidden space, how does an object travel in through a black hole and out through a white hole crossing the forbidden space as shown in the diagram?

    2 more things.

    1. Are universes square?
    2. Are there any known white holes in our universe?

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    One thing you might want to know - black holes formed by collapse are probably not going to have this geometry (the geometry of the Kerr solution). The geometry outside the (outer) event horizon of the black hole will be the same, but inside it will be considerably different.

    this paper

    has some of the best current estimates of what the actual structure of a collapsing black hole would look like (unless there is a more modern paper that's escaped my notice, which is possible).
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    Thanks. I understand the paper, but I would like to know what exactly is the Cauchy Horizon? Like a diagram.
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    Nevermind I googled it and found some cool definitions, thanks anyway.
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