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Homework Help: Partial integral?

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    Partial integral???

    Can someone help me figure out what this means? It's been forever since I've had any math classes.

    V= ay/(b2 + y2)

    Find the derivative in terms of a,b, and y

    Thanks so much!!
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    Do you know what a derivative is? Nobody here is going to just do the problem for you, but if you show what you're having trouble with we'll try to help :smile:
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    yes... For example if you had 2x^3 the derivative would be 6x^2.... When i do the derivative for the above equation I get:
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    Use the "quotient rule": the derivative of [itex]\frac{f(y)}{g(y)} [/itex] is
    [tex] \frac{\frac{df}{dy}g(y)- f(y)\frac{dg}{dy}}{g^2}[/tex]
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