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Particle on a potential well

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    let be a particle in a potential well with mass m=1/2 so we have the equation:

    [tex](p^{2}+V(x))\phi=E_{n}\phi [/tex]

    we don,t know if V is real or complex but we have that if En is an energy,its complex conjugate En^*=Ek is also another energy of the system,my question is if the potential is real...

    Proof?:taking normalized Eigenfunctions of the Hamiltonian....with [tex]<\phi|\phi>=1 [/tex] then we would have:


    so in the end separating and knowing that [tex]<\phi|p^{2}|\phi> [/tex] is always real then we would have that:

    [tex]\int_{-\infty}^{\infty}|\phi_{n}|^{2}V^*(x)-int_{-\infty}^{\infty}|\phi_{k}|^{2}V(x)=r [/tex] with r a real number....

    so we would have for every k and n and complex part of the potential b(x) that:

    [tex]} (|\phi_{n}|^{2}+|\phi_{k}|^{2})b(x)dx=0 [/tex]

    so the complex part of the potential is 0...is that true?
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    I'm not able to load your LaTeX graphics ... so I can't comment.
    (maybe that's why nobody *else* is responding, either.)
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    It looks like you're trying to end [ tex ] code with [ / tex ],
    instead of [ \tex ] . Should be an easy edit fix!
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