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Pascal Law(Force vs Pressure)

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    Appreciate all assistance in clearing my flow of thoughts with regards to the topic on Pascal Law....

    Scenario : A horizontal tube (consisting of fluid) having an area of 10m2 and 1m2 on opposite side
    If I were to exert a force of 100N on one side of a surface of 10m2(pressure will then be 10Pa), according to Pascal law, the pressure within the fluid will be 10Pa. Consequently, at the 1m2 side i will only be able to push overcome a resistance of 10N.
    Does this means that since there is an inbalance of forces(100N vs 10N), the fluid will keep moving towards the direction of smaller area indefinitely if the condition remain??

    My confusion arise here : Say if I to exert a force of 11N on the 1m2 side, with the force of 100N still acting on the 10m2 surface, what will the pressure inside the liquid be(10Pa or 11Pa). Also, in which direction will the fluid move??

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