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Pascals - Atmoshperes

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    Pascals - Atmospheres

    I have a various numbers of psi's....and was told it would be interesting to convert it to pascals, and then compare the pascals and our atmosphere.

    As in, 200 psi is 1.38e10^6 Pa. How could i show how much force that is. Or even say, its 'x' number of atmospheres. Just so i can get the pressure into perspective for readers...

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    Pressure is just force / area, hence PSI is pounds / square inch, Pascal is 1N/m^2
    An atmosphere is roughly 15psi or 100KPa.
    To convert PSI to Pa you just need to know how many pounds in a newton and how many sq inches in a square metre.
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    Ahhh yes. Must have missed these figures!

    14.7psi = 1 atmosphere = 101,325 Pa

    And its 6.894 757 kPa to 1 psi.

    So if i were to write a sentance would something like this be correct?

    "The pressure at combustion is 200psi. To show how high this pressure is, i converted it to Pascals, which is 1.38e10^6 Pa, and then converted Pa to atmospheres which is 13.6. This means that the pressure in the engine is over 13 times as strong as our atmosphere."

    By the way, i know i dont have to convert to Pa, then to atm, but as i would show working, it would tick a box.

    I am a bit wary of my last sentance, comparing the two. It doesn't sound good to me...i was trying to think of a better way to describe it really.

    Thank you very much for all your help!
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    Pressure is 13 times greater than the atmosphere.
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    thanks for the help! much appreciated.
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