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Password / auto-logout

  1. Jan 30, 2010 #1
    I have two questions:

    1) Anyone know why my Firefox doesn't remember the username/password for this website? It works for most other sites.

    2) It seems that the server logs me out automatically after some time of inactivity. Is it possible to increase this time?

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    I use Firefox under Mac OS. I don't think I've ever been logged out automatically, except perhaps on very rare occasions that I don't remember. (I always check the "Remember Me" box or whatever it's called, when I log out manually and then log back in.)
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    Are you talking about the built-into-Firefox feature to remember passwords, or the Physics Forums feature that recognizes you if you click the "Remember Me" box when you log in? The PF feature works for me (Firefox 3.5.7, Windows XP Professional). I have not tried the Firefox "remember password" with Physics Forums.

    If you logout, then click the Physics Forums "Remember Me" box when you log in again, it should work indefinitely.
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    Yes, my main point was the built-in password saving in Firefox that doesn't "react" to the login form on physicsforums.com. No dialog appears and asks me if I want to save the username/password, as on other sites.

    I have disabled permament cookies in my Firefox, but I see now that it doesn't log me out automatically after any time-perdiod (I think I was mistaken on that point), so long as Firefox is still running. I don't like permanent cookies that persist across sessions. I use the password saving feature instead, which is protected by a master-password. Unfortunately it doesn't work on this site.

    The Firefox password-saving bug for some sites has already been reported to the developers, and I have mentioned to them physicsforums.com as an example where it the feature doesn't work. Hopefully they will fix it, although it is classified as a "minor bug" in their system.

    Maybe I'll try to find a way to mention the problem to the our webmaster here directly by email, to hear if it is just me or not.

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    Hmmm... I don't know about Firefox. I use Safari, and the 'remember me' function of PF always keeps me logged in no matter what happens, until I purposefully log out. PF then clears its own cookies.
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    I have now managed to get the password manager to work with physicsforums. I think that by mistake (or it happened because of a problem after an upgrade) cookies were completely disabled. The led to the password manager not reacting to the login form, for some unknown reason. I have turned cookies on again (though with deletion at Firefox shutdown), and now Firefox recognizes the login fields on physicsforums and asks if if want to store the username/password in the password protected password manager. So now everything works fine!

    Thanks everybody, for your responses!

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    I have cookies turned off on my laptop, but I put physicsforums.com on the list of exceptions (yes, in Firefox). When Firefox asks if I want to save the password, I answer no (or is it "not now"? I don't really remember the alternatives). The "remember me" box is sufficient. A lot of sites just won't work without cookies (and about half of them will not tell you what the problem is).
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