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I Path orientation for calculating electric potential

  1. Sep 9, 2016 #1
    For line integrals in vector calculus,

    [tex]\int^a_b F \cdot dl[/tex]

    I almost always see the path oriented from a to b.

    But my text book has the following (look at the first equation for V(r):


    Since the integral's limits are from O to r, I would have expected dl to also be pointing in the direction from O to r (i.e. pointing in the radially inward (minus r hat) direction), but the math in the textbook seems to imply that dl points radially outward (positive r hat direction, from r to O). I say this because the result of E dot dl has no minus sign in front of it.

    How do you know which direction to orient dl?
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    It doesn't matter at which point you start your integration path as long as it is not at the singularity at ##\vec{r}=0## of the Coulomb potential (I don't know what's discussed in your book, because you didn't tell us; maybe it's a spherical surface carrying some charge?). Changing the starting point of your path just adds a constant to the potential, but the only thing interesting is the field ##\vec{E}=-\vec{\nabla} V##.

    Here they used a path starting from ##r=|\vec{r}| \rightarrow \infty##, making the potential ##0## at infinity, which is a convenient standard choice. Since the field is radial always, the only contribution is from the part going from infinity radially in, and you get the integral solved in your book.
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    The path goes from b to a. If you reverse the order the modulus stay the same but the sign changes.
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