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Paying someone to cut your hair

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    I think it is an abomination that a barbershop can stay in business. Every human being that owns a scissors and has at least one hand is capable of cutting his or her own hair perfectly fine. If you begin cutting your own hair when you are a child then my guess is that you will save approximately a thousand dollars (not counting inflation or anything) and approximately two hundred hours. That is a lot of money and a long time. If you have recently considered throwing your money and time away by going to a barber PLEASE THINK TWICE for your own sake and for the sake of society. Imagine how many useful buildings could be constructed in place of barbershops!
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    One of my best investments has been a set of decent quality electric trimmers. When I get tired of my hair being too long, I just break them out, pick a guard, and go to town. They're only $20, and they usually last me at least a year or two depending on the quality.

    Can you believe that you need a license to get paid to cut someone else's hair in the US?
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    Give me a break. I've gone to the same barber my entire life. Any good baber shop gives you a proper haircut and shave with hot foam and a razor that could slice your neck off.

    I enjoy going to my barber shop and getting my hair cut, talking to my barber, and relaxing in the process. Its a 'guys' place.

    You should find yourself a real barber shop. Get a real haircut, and im not talking about the five dollar "I'd like a number 3 on the sides" haircut. I walk in and say 'cut my hair'. He combs it to the back and cuts it to the proper length on the sides and shapes the back with a razor blade.

    I always give my barber $20 bucks. So, I think your thousand dollar estimate is way, way, too low. (Thats only 50 haircuts)
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    Math Is Hard

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    Do I even dare ask what the OP thinks about nail salons?

    *runs and hides*
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    I could see getting a shave and the whole nine yards at a barber if I felt like being pampered, but 99% of the time I just want to buzz it all and then go relax in the shower. That and I love lathering up the shaving cream myself. It's relaxing.
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    For the last few weeks I've been meaning to buy a pair of scissors so I can try giving myself a trim....

    My hair is almost down to my butt and I haven't had it cut for about 18 months. The last time it got snipped my housemate was wielding the scissors and she cut off 30 cm - enough to donate to a company that makes wigs for people with cancer.
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    I'm torn. I wish I could cut my own hair. And I hate going to the barber. I guess I could start with an electric trimmer.
    I love that. I do like a good barber shop because I like how I don't have to decide anything. I don't know anything about hair, hair styles, or even how many inches I want off or left. I don't have a clue. Maybe that's why I haven't learned to cut my own hair.
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    You need a license to run a barber shop or hair salon because there is the very real chance you may come in contact with human bodily fluids (i.e., little nick with a razor) or parasites (i.e., lice), and you need to know enough about infection control to avoid spreading diseases from one client to another.

    If you're just getting a buzz cut or trimming a little off the ends of long hair, sure, there's not much need to pay someone else to do that for you. But, quite a lot of people like to get their hair cut or styled nicer than that (not everyone looks good in a buzz cut or with long hair).

    If you want to cut your own hair at home, go ahead and do so, but there's really no need to criticize other people for keeping someone employed doing it for them. If that's what someone wants to spend their money on or finds it something they enjoy, what business is it of anyone else what they do with their money or time? For that matter, you could choose not to cut your hair at all.

    Since you've been starting a bunch of threads on cutting down the time and money it takes for things like eating and haircuts down to the bare minimum, there must be something else you would like to make time for doing and save up the money to do that spending time and money on these other activities distracts from. You may find that not everyone shares your enthusiasm for whatever that activity is and would consider THAT to be a waste of time and money. It all comes down to personal preference. It's fine to discuss these differences, let's just try to avoid being judgmental of other people's preferences.
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    Man, I'd pay that money just for the hair washing. Talk about relaxing.
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    Um...what would you replace them with? They ARE useful if they are being used, and the building is already constructed.
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    Yes, that is a good point, you closed my religions thread for trying to assign truth value to religion but this is really the same thing. I should stop trying to assign truth value to any lifestyle choice. Although I firmly believe professional haircutting is a waste of societies resources, my only proof is that getting a professional hair cut would be meaningless to me.

    It is really hard to debate lifestyle optimization and society optimization when people have so many different backgrounds and experiences and values. That is why I am going into mathematical physics not politics or social science. Why cant everyone think more like me! :cry:
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    A universal question that deserves it's own thread.

    I pay some person $15 about every 6 months. I smile and say 'interview type business cut'.
    Then about 20 minuets later I say thank you.
    It's a service. A pay me, to do it or do it yourself choice.

    I'm $30 a year lazy.
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    I accidentally got a 1/4" buzz cut about 10years ago by mishearing the barber!
    Liked it and bought a pair of clippers - great.

    I save $40-50 month (it's expensive in the UK), don't have to remember to schedule time off work before a trip/meeting and don't have to read GQ to know what I want when they ask about style.
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    My hair is way too gorgeous to let just anyone touch my hair, especially one not trained for decades :tongue:
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    I only £2.50 for a good hair cut, and you wont find many barbers in the Uk willing to give you a shave.
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    My mom used to cut my youngest brother's hair when he was still too young to know better. Her better haircuts didn't require stitches.

    After seeing her exploits, I'm worried I would wind up paralyzed for life if I tried cutting my own hair. I'd rather iron my own clothes while wearing them.
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    I am willing to pay money, in the knowledge I will get a good cut, and that I am helping a local business.
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    I haven't been to a barbers in years. My mummy cuts my hair *blink* o:)
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    Me either. o:) My wife trims my hair when she feels like it.

    Haven't shaved in nearly 27 years. I saved a few bucks.
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    http://www.channel4.com/media/userpages/accepted/71204_BadHaircut.jpg [Broken]

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