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Pebbles or?

  1. Jun 5, 2009 #1
    So the deal was a new kitty after the move from the 14th floor back to ground level. I guess my daughter found her, It's the one in the center here having obviously the most interest in the environment at three weeks of age, unlike her black brothers to the right. Her name may become Pebbles, with a nod to The Flintstones but there may be an oncoming dispute about that. One of those brothers is also admitted at the residence as protector of the little princess.


    Plenty more pics from where this is coming from.
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  3. Jun 5, 2009 #2


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    *Absolutely* adorable!
  4. Jun 5, 2009 #3
    Right Lisa and a remarkable early student as well, already investigating the anatomy of moms ear.

  5. Jun 5, 2009 #4
    It's obvious who is in the lead

  6. Jun 5, 2009 #5
    to boldly go where no kitten has gone before.

  7. Jun 5, 2009 #6

    Math Is Hard

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    oh.. my.. God .. WANT!!! :!!)
  8. Jun 5, 2009 #7
    *Scotty beams kitten up right into MiH's residence*

    tickle test:

  9. Jun 5, 2009 #8

    Math Is Hard

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    Do you think I could convince my cat it's her kitten?
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    Ooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!! Sooooooo cute!!!! Her attitude reminds me of Ember as a kitten (is there a way to make them that tiny and cute again?)

    Pebbles would be a great name...sort of fits the "marbling" of a calico too. I love love love love love her markings!

    I keep trying to decide if Ember wants a kitten now that I have a bigger house, and seeing this cuddly adorable sweetie muffin makes me REALLY want another kitten (I just don't know if I'd get so lucky as to find another one that so perfectly suits my own personality as Ember does).
  11. Jun 5, 2009 #10
    That is just too darn cute for words. I'm with Moonbear, the markings are fantastic!
  12. Jun 5, 2009 #11


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    Absolutely adorable! My wife and I had one who we found at the age of a few months. She was abandoned in the university student housing complex where we were living. She came to our front door and meowed, so we took her in, adopted her on the spot and named her 'Pumpkin'. Her nickname was 'Pie-face'.
  13. Jun 6, 2009 #12
    I am totally in love. Nature knew what she was doing when she made baby-everythings stupenduously cute.
  14. Jul 9, 2009 #13
    Meanwhile the kittens have moved to their new residence, making posting a lot more difficult although I don't think they invented the keyboard walk.


    Unfortunately my proposal to rename Pebbles into Yingyang was not approved.


    Paper waste baskets seem better than their own

  15. Jul 9, 2009 #14
    Stop! Ugh! I'm gonna' die of cuteness overload!
  16. Jul 9, 2009 #15
    Or rather, nature just programmed people to think that small disproportionate creatures are cute.
  17. Jul 9, 2009 #16


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    Next photo contest should be "Cuteness" or something - and Andre is a sure winner :smile:
  18. Jul 9, 2009 #17
    :smile: Well my secret weapons helping me here:


    I was kitten sitting today and my moved my mobile office to the living where my assistents were eager to help.
  19. Jul 9, 2009 #18
    What sweetness... How did I ever miss your first pictures in June?
  20. Jul 16, 2009 #19
    Today, their growing is breathtaking.


    I should have persisted in Ying and Yang :tongue:
  21. Jul 16, 2009 #20


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    O heck soooooo cute, now you will have two types of fur balls to clean up :biggrin:
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