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Perimeter math problem

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    So lost. I'm sure it's simple. :confused:

    The picture I have to work off of is attached. Here are my questions:

    11. This picture shows Joe’s house. What is the perimeter of the house? Explain your answer.

    12. Find the answer to the following problem. Show all of your work and explain how you got your answer.

    Eric found the perimeter of three windows in his house to be . He wants to know the total perimeter of all three windows. Find the total perimeter and draw a number line and use the number line to represent the total of the perimeters of the three windows.

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    What work have you done so far on this problem? I and I'm sure others are more than willing to help, but we want to see some of your work first.
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    Start with the DEFINITION of perimeter, then go ahead and do the algebra. Since this house is basically a rectangle, opposite sides must have the same length. That will give you an equation to solve for x.
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    Yeah, else we might get warning messages. :D
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