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Perlite as an absorbing/adsorbing material

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    I have a question regarding perlite; as far as I know perlite can be used as a dye absorbing material. After absorbing dye, what do people do with it? Dispose of it? Or is there a method to recover the used perlite? Thanks!
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    Judging by how cheap perlite is, it seems to me that the industry generally uses it and then discards it - there is no incentive to develop a way to recover the perlite. However, there looks to be some research work done to regenerate the material after being used in filters etc.
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    Hi! Thanks for replying.

    Once it is discarded, say for example after absorbing dye. What purpose can it serve afterward? Perhaps cement filler (is that even correct lol)? I seem to be unable to find resources regarding what to do with used perlite.
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    Well it appears that perlite can be regenerated after it is used, since the absorption mechanism does not really change its chemical composition. A google search on perlite regeneration should give you some direction.
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