Permitivity electric field relation

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    D=εE, and E=Q/(4πεr^2). We may suppose generally that, E is inverse proportional to permittivity. Combining the interpretation to the first equation, E is dependent variable, and D is the independent variable. That is, D is medium dependent. Anyway, E is dependent on the permittivity characteristic of the medium and this relation is inverse. Due to this inverse relation, we would expect that for mediums with higher permittivity, same configuration of charges will have smaller electric field(where D will not change).

    However it says, "The larger the tendency for charge distortion (also called electric polarization), the larger the value of the permittivity." in "" and it says "More electric flux exists in a medium with a high permittivity (per unit charge) because of polarization effects." in "". Due to these explanations, higher permitivity is allowing more electric flux can be generated, which implies stronger electric field. Therefore according to these, E is direct proportional to permittivity.

    I am missing a point,probably an easy and a basic one, but i dont know which. So what is the correct explanation?

    Thank you.
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    I made a mistake in:
    "D is medium dependent"
    I correct it to:
    "D is medium independent"
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