Peroxide vs. dioxide

  1. Hi,

    What is the difference between peroxide and dioxide? Why isn't CO2 carbon peroxide?

    I'm finding this important in Redox rxns but have not found a way to differentiate the 2 or actually define them.

    Any help appreciatted!

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    Look up the definition of "peroxide" and pay special attention to the O-O
  4. Thanks for being so quick!

    But all I can find is a Wikipedia entry and have gleamed that peroxides are cations 2- as opposed to neutral O2 molecules.....right?

    So how does one determine if it's a peroxide? NaO2, LiO2, CO2 it determined by the charge? So Li2O2 a peroxide and LiO2 a dioxide?

    I think I got it! Right?

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    What are the characteristics of peroxides? Are they oxidizers, and if so, why? Is CO2 an oxidizer? If not, why not?
  6. In beginning chemistry at least, you can look at it this way:

    You can tell by the charge. Peroxide is O22- as in Li2O2.
    The two oxygens in NaO2, however, are not part of peroxide because that ion has a 1- charge: O2- which is superoxide.
    In a covalent compound such as CO2, the two oxygens would be called dioxide.
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