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Homework Help: Photodiode related enquiries

  1. Apr 30, 2012 #1
    i have some questions regarding photodiodes, made obvious by my title, so here it is:

    - is it true that when a photodiode is in forward biased, it acts just like a normal diode? If so, then does it still receive photons from outside sources? if so, then does the photons received affected the forward- biased photodiode in any way?

    -In a reverse biased photodiode, is there still a voltage drop in the diode itself? if so, why is there a voltage drop, since the dark current is generated by the photons itself?

    -In a reverse-biased photodiode, what happens when no outside light source is shining on to the photodiode? does it act like a normal reverse-biased diode?
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