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Photodissociation in relation to "Absorption cross section"

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    Dear Forum:

    I am a new member, a geochemist. Physics is not my strength and so I am hoping to be able to find help for physics questions that puzzle me as I work in geochemistry. Its exciting and reassuring to think that there are so many knowledgeable physicists at the other end of this thread.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    To start a discussion, go to the appropriate technical forum (maybe General Physics or Earth to start), and start a new thread there. Include as much relevant in formation as you can in your post, including links to the reading you've been doing about your question, and any calculations you have been working with that have generated the questions.

    Enjoy! :smile:
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    I can offer geochemical guidance but I doubt that I would be of any use in physics. My specialty is aqueous Sulfur chemistry. I will shortly post a thread requesting help with an atmospheric photolysis question.
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