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Photos with physical topic

  1. May 29, 2010 #1
    Hey guys!

    When I was on a trip in Cambridge I took a picture of the famous apple tree, that is supposed (so the turist office claims:tongue:) to be the one, where Isaac Newton got the idea for his most importaint work. In the back there are two windows and one of them (I think it's the right one) belonged to Newton's study room.
    In the picture, there's also a slogan "JAZ SEM INSPIRACIJA", which literally means "I AM INSPIRATION".
    You can see my picture here (http://jazsem.nikonsvet.si/gallery/47/item/3001 [Broken]), where it's competing in a photo competition organised by Nikon Slovenia.
    Has anyone else any interesting photos in this topic?


    P.S.:If you like my picture you can also click the "GLASUJ" (which means "VOTE") button to vote for my photo. (Thanks if you did.)
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    I'm a wee bit confused. Did you take that picture? The slogan overlaid across the front of it really detracts from it, and I'm not really able to see or appreciate the photograph because of it.

    Also, when I click on "GLASUJ" to vote, another pop-up screen comes up and wants information from me. I'm guessing it's asking for a name and e-mail address and something else, but I'm not sure what. I can't read the language. I'm a little leery about filling in something that I don't know what it is. Can you tell me what it says or is asking for, please?
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    Yes, I did. Maybe it seems like I didn't, because I made it black and white and unfocused in the corners, so that the apple tree takes all attention from the viewer.
    Yes, the slogan is a bit disturbing, but it has to be there to follow the rules of the organiser.
    That pop-up screen is just to put in your data if you want to take place in game to win a camera. It doesn't affect voting and you can just close it. Thanks.
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    Oh, okay. So just mashing the "GLASUJ" button is sufficient?

    Was it necessary for the contest to have writing across the image?
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    Yes, sadly. Just for you I am attaching the original photo here. :smile:

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