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Physic knowledge

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hello people
i would like to say that i am just 18 years old
i am from greece i was always really interested in physic
but unfortunately my school didnt give us the knowldges we should have
i really love physic and especially quantum physic
so i know the basics but i would love to earn more and more
so i would love someone to giuide me with ebooks and such so i can improve my knowledges
i am an electrician now

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If you would like to be successful in physics, you should have an understanding of calculus and linear algebra. You can study physics without these things but it is not as interesting or fun. An introductory book in both disciplines should be enough.

Check out this page for notes: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/physics/
You may also wish to check out Feynman's lectures on physics (as well as the easy to read 'Six Easy Pieces') as they are popular and good to learn from.

In my experience it is usually not the question of what to study but how it should be studied. You will need to be rigorous so you should do lots of practice problems and re-read difficult passages.
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What do you know about Physics until now?
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well i checked the book of introduction and read the book i knew everything about them
also about algebra i am really good really really good!!
although ecause of my country it is not so easy to understand them because here we use some different letters for some things
although i cant manage to understand them
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Often, lectures at public universities are free. You cannot do exams and certificate your efforts, if you aren't signed up, but you may join the class. Keep in mind that lectures are usually a huge save of efforts in order to understand the subject, I would recommend those rather than books.

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i wonder if they take place here:(i doubt to tell the truth
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yiasou ellinida! Although I was born in America, I have heard some horror stories about higher education in Greece from my cousins and family friends. Are you going to be taking the panelinies? I am confused as to whether you want to become a physicist or want to continue your profession but learn physics on the side for fun.
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unfortunately 4 years ago i was really bored at studying so i went to a high school(likeio) that u can choose a profession like electrician,mechanic,computer science and such.because of that i cant choose anything for the university i would love to follow.i can become an electrician only.so i finished i took the exams called panelinies i am sure 100% that i am in the university i prefer ut i cant be a physicist unfortunately:(
do u have msn btw???
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if you are referring to me, then yes I do have an msn. But I would be more than happy to answer your questions here! Alas, you still have not answered my question fully! Do you want to make a life change from electrician to physicist, or have you accepted the fact that you made poor decisions and now only hope to learn a little more about the stuff you love on the side? For if your situation is the forward, then I am afraid you have a long road ahead of you. You have stated yourself the difficulties in finding opportunities in Greece. As with a few other European countries, you are pressed to choose what you wish to pursue for the rest of your life at an earlier age. And if that age comes and goes, (and it has for some of my family members) - then they move to America, which sometimes is a solution that cannot be attained by most.
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well changing from electrician to physicist will take many years so i want to learn for me.just learn more make my knowledge bigger

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