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Physics Lecture for a screenplay

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    I am writing a screenplay about a physicist who is researching pyschic phenomena, mainly the bending of spoons and other metal objects. He's a true believer in this and wants to find the scientific explanation for it. My screenplay starts with him lecturing students and I would like it to be a realistic physics based lecture, something that has nothing directly to do with spoon bending but if someone in the lecture were to ask the correct question could end up there (because it obviously will). I don't have a large knowledge of physics and don't know where to begin to make the link between the physics and psychic phenomena or what the professor could be talking about.

    Of course the screenplay is for a general audience so what I am looking for is some ideas for a lecture that would be accesible and easy, something the audience catches the tail end of but makes sense.
    Could someone help me with this?

    This is a very loose fictionalization of a specific famous incident and one of the key players was a physicist. I don't know what his actual motivation is, but I wanted to build my own characters anyway. I would like to note that I am a skeptic and no one in the screenplay possesses any real psychic abilities.
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    As far as I know there is no link between physics and psychic spoon bending. So I don't know how to subtly suggest such a thing.
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    A physicist who believes in such things is probably not going to be taken seriously by fellow scientists to begin with and probably won't have an academic position.
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