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Physics Olympiad

  1. Dec 19, 2008 #1
    hey guys, Ijust sent my regostration for Physics olympiad (US).
    Do you know if they count on postmark or the day the mail arrives to consider which one is late? Cause the deadline of payment is Dec 19.
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    For a Canaidan physics olympiad prepare program its the date it arrives at the mail. what do you mean that you send in the regostration? don't you have to do the contests?
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    please excuse my typo.
    I just sent my registration and I am living in the US.
    after that, they will perhaps send the test to my school if I am not counted as late
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    hmm don't they have the contest for everyone on the same day?

    They should do it by the date that says on the mail, its more proper.

    How are you studying?
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    Hmm... this sounds interesting. Do they perhaps have a Physics Special Olympiad? I might actually stand a chance in that one.
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    I thought your going to grad school... There's university physics contests too... how much harder are they?
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    nah, the contest will not occur until Jan/Feb
    They dont give out a certain test date but your school is supposed to let students take the test during a period of time from day x to day y

    still, nobody answers my question?
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