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Pilot in a plane

  1. Sep 12, 2009 #1
    If one ball is dropped and another is thrown down, which will arrive at the ground first?

    Won't they get there at the same time?


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    Your question is vague. Are the balls dropped and thrown at the same time? Assuming they are the down thrown will arrive first. You need to solve for t in the equation:
    h-vt-.5gt2=0, where h is the initial height, v is the initial speed, and g is the gravitational constant. Air resistance is neglected - however, if both balls are the same the net effect will be the same on both.

    For the dropped ball v=0 while the thrown ball starts with v>0, so t will be less.
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    Yes, dropped and thrown at the same time. No other information provided. No velocity, speed, just that vague question.
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