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Pilot wave without non-locality

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    I am trying to analyze EPR photon polarization experiment with pilotwaves.

    We create H and V photons in both channels of PDC source. They have associated H and V pilotwaves.
    Now we analyze composed system of H and V photons and their pilotwaves with PBS.
    If PBS is rotatated so that it is in H/V base all H pilotwaves end up in one output channel and all V pilotwaves appear in other output channel.
    If PBS is rotatated so that it is in +45/-45 base half of H pilotwaves end up in the same output channel as half of V pilotwaves. Say they are coherent and create interference in this channel. Mirror pilotwaves arriving at other site create the same interference patern if PBS is rotated by 45° symmetricaly to the first site however if it is rotated by 45° anysimmetricaly to first site interference patern is exactly opposite with respect to first site.

    This interference of H and V pilotwaves seems correct as there is a strict requirement in photon entanglement experiments that two modes (H and V) are in coherence. If they are not entangled state is reduced to product state of H and V polarizations and we do not observe correlations at +45/-45 base.
    What is unclear for me in this picture is the physical effect of positive interference of different pilotwaves. As I understand in double-slit experiment the effect is that photons are deflected from interference minima toward interference maxima. But here?
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