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Plane wave, electric field

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    When talking about a transmitted plane wave incident on a plane, ie.

    [tex]\underline{E} = E_0 \^i e^\iota^(^\underline{k}.\underline{r} - \omega t)[/tex]

    what is meant by the "real-time" form of the incident electric field?
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    Chris Hillman

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    Where was this phrase used? Was it in a context where some kind of "time delay" make sense?
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    No, it was about a plane wave on an interface where part was reflected and part was transmitted...it had the angular frequency shown and then mentioned that from above, which wasn't a phrase I recognised.
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    Claude Bile

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    Sounds like it is a reference to the E-field at some point in space, in other words, the spatial variation is being ignored (in which case one would get a sinusoidal variation in time).

    It is hard to say though without knowing the exact context.

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