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Homework Help: PLEASE Can any one solve this problem

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    A body dropped from a tower travels half of the total distance in the last second of its motion
    .The total time taken of will be ...?
    take g = 10 m/s^2


    a) square root 2 secs

    b) 2 secs

    c) 2+square root 2 secs

    d) 2*square root 2 secs
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    Do you know your basic kinematics formulas?
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    You will need to write down the formula for the distance an object falls under gravity in a time t, in the absence of air resistance. You then need to make a comparison between

    the distance 2D that the object falls in T seconds


    the distance D that the object falls in 1 second .

    You do not need to know the actual height of the tower, which we've called 2D, since you will be substituted for D using your second equation. This will give you enough information to solve for T, the total time of the fall. (You'll also find that we don't actually care what value g has...)
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