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B Please explain to me the 2d holographic universe

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    this idea of holographic universe is mind boggling to me.
    If we are 2d and everything we see is actully 2d hologram, like picture on the monitor
    There is something i am missing and some things i have to clrify...
    How we can even see 2d hologram, if we are 2d outselves in the first place.
    And if it is 2d, there is just picture from one perspective (point of view).
    And what is even 2d, if it is only lenght and width for example, how it can have any depth, if depth is 0, how you can even see it, if you were 1mm above it maybe xD
    I suffer from aphantasia, i don't have visual imagination at all, or if i can see something when i close my eyes dim, like 5%, if 100% would be like seeying it with eye.
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    We are not 2D to the exclusion of being 3D.
    All it means is that the information that makes us up can be mapped to a 2D surface.
    That's interesting, because it may indicate physics that isn't obvious. But it doesn't change anything in one's daily life.
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    And what is this 2d surface and where it is ?
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    The topic results from looking at what happens as material enters a black hole. From an external reference frame, as material approaches the event horizon, it cannot cross - and, as the math turns out, the surface of the black hole has the exact area required to store the information you would need to describe anything that may occupy the volume of black hole with a mass of the black hole.

    So there is some sort of mapping.
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