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Please help me with these!

  1. Jun 19, 2004 #1
    I’ll appreciated very much if anyone can help me with any of these following proves by any means. Thank you!

    1. y=ln|x| = y'=1/x

    2. lim ln|x|=+ infinity as x approaches toward positive infinity and-
    lim ln|x| = - infinity as x approaches 0 from positive side
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    Maybe something like this... Let f(x) = exp(ln(x)), where exp(x) = e^x. Using the chain rule, we have that f'(x) = exp(ln(x)) * d/dx(ln(x)) = x * d/dx(ln(x)). But since f(x) = x, we must also have f'(x) = 1. Thus x * d/dx(ln(x)) = 1, or d/dx(ln(x)) = 1/x.
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    Thank you Muzza! That was beautiful! How about my second problem?
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