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Please point me to more info about these Feynman statements

  1. Jan 26, 2010 #1
    I'm watching a youtube video (watch?v=uNOghidK2TY) of an interview with Feynman. He says, "...there are a number of paradoxes with this quark picture...we've done some experiments at very high energy, hitting a proton with an electron...that can only be interpreted by supposing that the number of particles inside is really infinite. If there are particles inside it can't be done with just three." He goes on to say, "...the idea that there would be just three particles [quarks] is contradictory to the laws of relativity."

    I thought that I knew a bit about physics, but obviously I'm in the dark. Could someone please point me to some books (that don't require a physics degree) that could shed some light on these statements by Feynman? Thanks in advance.
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