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Polarities issue in electrical circuits

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    Hi everybody...

    I have a question in the electrical circuits ..

    When i combine two resistors ,either they are in series or in parallel .. Is there any constrain to put the polarities ?
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    Resistors can be connected either way round.
    There are no polarity issues to consider.

    Some capacitors are polarised. Those that are have a + and/or - marking on the case. These should be connected so that the terminal or lead marked + should be more positive than the other.
    Other capacitors (usually smaller) may be connected either way round.

    In principle inductors have no polarity so may be connected either way round.
    However since the windings can be anticlockwise or clockwise we need to take note of this if two inductors are expected to interact magnetically.
    In this case the start of the winding is marked with a dot.

    go well
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