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Policies to make people happy

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    On the physorg.com page I saw a few debates that started about this subject. Generally they started with showing correlation between equality and happiness and finished with quarrels whether to achieving that by invasive tax system would make people happy with small amount of arguments and huge amount of ideology on both sides.

    The point of this topic is NOT debate whether to have small or big gov. I've seen quite a few such and after a few dozens they started being a bit to repetitive.

    The point of this topic is to make a brain storming of more creative (not necessary perfect or fully workable ideas) to make general population happy

    Let's assume that there was reached some kind of equilibrium between getting money for social programs and leaving enough money for entrepreneurs to keep incentive to invest in risky but profitable programs. So... what other policies should be done to keep people happy?

    1) Ban showing too attractive people on media. That decreases both self image and grade for sexual partner(s). Only people with on top average looks might be shown on media as reporters or actors.

    2) Adjust aims in healthcare - less saving life on every price, more care about quality of life. More for palliative care and treatment of depression, after all person suffering from depression is hard to be graded as happy.

    3) Forcing media to show more optimistic news. There is some tendency to show so much suffering because it increase audience and revenues from adds. Let's say at least 50% of information have to be optimistic ones. Still plenty of choice what counts as good news - new bridge, new scientific discovery, new medical treatment, another dangerous criminal caught and cops responsible for that awarded with handshake. Whatever, just optimistic, showing that's not so bad.

    4) In inequalities the main problem with happens is all matter of perception. So maybe limit (or tax heavily) the most flashy toys (sport cars, jets) that they buy. The whole point is to that in a way that the difference in amount of cash would be less visible, so less annoying.
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    Have applied solutions (aka policies) be both equitable and increase order/efficiency.

    Most commonly, many moves made for increased efficiency do not demand equity.

    I am making a generalization here.

    1) This dynamic is embedded in many many other places than the media.

    2) sounds good that money must be allocated from other areas--not to mention those in power of those resources need to spend the energy to make the difference.

    3) I would prefer news to be less biased and more transparent about it's agenda or what power it's affiliated with. This information is easily accessible yet most/majority of people are still unaware.

    4) People have rights to use there resources as they like. Controlling that would create inefficiency in the system. I personally think a better proposition would be creating policy/tax that would give agents incentives to allocate money towards socially progressive mechanisms.
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    I'll thank you all to stay the f*** out of my happiness. It's none of your business.

    Try worrying about increasing prosperity instead of equality and maybe I'll stop wanting to kill all those who think like you.
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