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Power factor in my book

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    Hello friends

    what is this term meaning (power factor correction)

    and from my book some lines are

    what its meaning?


    PF= power loss/input power resulting ratio is the "power factor" WHAT is this?
    can we say above line is same as this PF = TRUE POWER/APPARENT POWER
    explain please

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    No, PF is apparent/true.
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    Power factor correction is when adjustments are made to the electrical system to improve the power factor (i.e. bring it closer to unity). This can be accomplished through various components such as synchronous generators, etc.

    PF = P/S = true power / apparent power = cos(theta)

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    PFC also has context in switching power supplies. Look at the Switchmode Power Supply section of this wiki entry:


    You can design your SMPS to better approximate a simple resistive load, instead of the diode-capacitor bridge imput characteristic (which has a louse PF).
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