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Homework Help: Pressure at a centroi thermo fluids

  1. Mar 25, 2010 #1
    ive got this q in my homework calculate the pressure at the centroid and hence the force acting plate. the surface is free liquid is water.
    ive using a formula l x e = y
    l being length or depth in this case
    e being value of water which i found to be 1 x 10 to power of 3 kg/m3
    y being the pressure at the centroid

    so in my case thats 5 x 1x10powerof 3= 50000n/m2

    the to work out force on the plate ive used
    pressure x area

    so 50000 x 5 = 250Kn

    have i gone horribly wrong?? doesnt seem right to me
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    image i forgot to upload

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