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Pressure drop across a packed bed

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    I have a packed bed with an inlet pressure of 108psig and an outlet pressure of 88psig to give a total pressure drop of 20psi. The packing is becoming damaged due to the 20psi pressure drop. I have thought and looked for an answer for a long while, why does the packing only experience the pressure drop and not the 108psig entering the tank?
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    The pressure drop is the result of shear (friction and viscous) forces between the fluid and the packing material. Is the fluid passing through the packing bed gas or liquid?
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    Liquid: Water about 60-70 degrees F
    So the packing is experiencing the friction between it and the water, which we see as a pressure drop across the bed. The higher the pressure drop, the more shear forces exist, and possible damage to the packing will occur?
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