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I Pressurization rate vs. Mass Flow rate

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    Good afternoon all,

    I am doing some back of napkin calcs for work and am having trouble finding an answer (or one that I can understand--its been a while since undergrad). We have a valve that has particular flow rate requirements to prevent unseating the valve seal. This is a mass flow rate and our customer has requested a pressure flow rate (so instead of lbm/s, they want psi/s). I can do it for a simple isothermal system using the ideal gas law, but our tanks are adiabatic.

    I have found various explanations, like a ratio of pressures = ratio of densities to some function of gamma, and a dimensionless form of the pressure/time for choked mass flow rate.

    If anybody can ELI5 or give me some guidance I would be very appreciative.
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    What is that?
    Is the client being mis-quoted?
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    No, but their current design does not allow them to measure mass flow rate so they requested a pressurization rate.
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    Is the tank before or after the valve? Can you provide a diagram? It's very hard to read your mind?
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