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Homework Help: Prismatic bar

  1. Jan 19, 2005 #1
    I'm a little lost with this question:

    A prismatic bar AD is subjected to loads P1 = 3k P2 = 3k P3 = 11k. Cross-sectional Area A = 1.40 sq in. Modulus of E = 17000 ksi. Find displacement of the free end of bar. What should P3 be displacement at end is to be reduced by half of original value?

    So the bar has three sections. AB section has a cantilever beam attached to a wall on the left, the right side has a force P1 going to the left. BC has no forces in it. CD has P2 force on the left going to the right. Point D is the end of the beam and there is a force coming straight out of the beam to the right. Each section is 20 in long.

    So I first find external forces. then I get lost...
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