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A Probability at a temperature T that a system has a particular energy

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    Salutations, I'm starting in statistical mechanics and reviewing some related studying cases I would like to understand what occurs in small systems with normal modes of vibration, for example, a small system that has 2 normal modes of vibration, with natural frequencies $$\omega_1$$ and $$\omega_2=2\omega_1$$. So, what would be the probability at a temperature T that the system would get an energy less than $$5\omega_1/2$$? if it's assumed the zero of energy is taken as its value at $$T=0$$
    I would like any guidance for better understanding of that kind of cases because those problems are very interesting, specially how to approach them.

    Thanks for your attention.
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    p ~ exp(-E/kT), E ~ omega^2
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