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Homework Help: Probability combination Question

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    We want to put 4 Maroon, 3 Green, and 2 Yellow plates in a row on a table. They are arranged randomly. What is the probability that the 4 Maroon plates are together?

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    I couldn't figure out how to set this problem up properly.

    All I could think to do was to break it into the six outcomes we are interested in.

    Let X denote a non-maroon plate and M denote a maroon plate.

    So the outcomes are:
    1- M M M M X X X X X
    2- X M M M M X X X X
    3- X X M M M M X X X
    4- X X X M M M M X X
    5- X X X X M M M M X
    6- X X X X X M M M M

    P(1) = (4/9)(3/7)(2/6)(1/5) = 1/126
    P(2) = (5/9)(4/8)(3/7)(2/6)(1/5) = 1/126
    P(3) = (5/9)(4/8)(4/7)(3/6)(2/5)(1/5) = 1/126
    P(4) = ....... = 1/126
    P(5) = ....... = 1/126
    P(6) = ....... = 1/126

    So for a final answer I get 1/21. I'm not very confident in that answer, plus there has to be some way to set this up much simpler. Using the (n choose k) deal..

    Any advice would be awesome.
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    Once you've picked a place to put the first maroon plate, all six patterns are equally likely (as you've probably noticed) (4/9)*(3/8)*(2/7)*(1/6)=1/126 (chance first maroon lies on selected place, time chance second maroon lies on second selected place etc). And you also correctly decided there are 6 equally probable ways to place them. I think you've done quite well. But you didn't need to write down a different product for each combination. Just IGNORE the non-maroon plates. They will sort themselves out.
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