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Problem with caclulatin forces in structure

  1. Oct 18, 2008 #1
    Hallo all, I have been working on a little problem.
    I have to calculate the forces on a certain structure, but I can not seem to find the solution.

    I have given a picture, drawing with my attempt and the drawing of how I try to solve it.

    The first drawing is to find the first forces, those are easy.
    Then I split the structure in 2 structures to find the other forces, however when I do this I get 2 structures with 3 equations, in total 6 equations. But when you try to work those 6 calculaitions, you will see they are the same (meaning those 6 equations are only 3 equations).

    Any one who can help me out here?

    The forces 450N and 300N are given.

    The distances are in metres (drawing is not really accurate in scale:rofl:)

    As you can so I start of with calculating the force on A , then I find the forces in C.

    But then I get stuck.
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    You're obviously aware that all the forces must balance each other, i.e. they sum to zero.

    What else should sum to zero here?

    p.s. Welcome to PF!
  4. Oct 18, 2008 #3
    I do not know.

    I just wrote down 3 equations for each drawing (1+2) meaning 6 in total, but they are the same.


    X forces: 450N + Dx + Bx = 0
    Y: By - Ay - Dy = 0
    M around B makes: +Ay. 0,15 -450. 0,25 - Dy.0,45 + Dx.0,1

    for 2 its the same: they are the same then for 1.

    so what can I do then?
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