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Problem with my laptop with Win8.1

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    I just got this laptop. I have it set so it will go to sleep when I closed the lid. But twice I did that at night, the computer hung and cannot wake up. Ctrl-Alt-Del will not work, had to hold power button to force it to turn off.

    1) When I force turn off, I have to redo putting Yahoo as the default web page on both Firefox and IE every time.
    2) The Wi-Fi will not automatically connect and have to go through the connecting process.

    Is this problem with my computer? Or is this Win 8 problem? What can I do to fix this?
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    Computers that fail to "wake up" properly after "sleep" has been a problem long before Win 8. The cause could be almost anything - often bugs in the drivers that interact directly with hardware like sound and graphics cards, USB and wireless connections, etc.

    The settings for default web pages etc may not be permanently saved until the computer is completely shut down. Try setting everything up the way you want it, then shut down the laptop completely and start it again (i.e. use the "shut down" option, not just "restart"). If your settings still don't "stick", you probably have a more serious problem.

    The simplest fix is "don't use the sleep option", if fixing the problems takes longer than waiting for the computer to boot up.
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    I always put all my computer to sleep for over a year, never once have problem and this is consistent failure.

    I'll try turning off the computer and see whether it sticks.

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    I had to reverse the system back to yesterday. It seems like all the trouble really started when I updated the laptop from Win 8 to Win 8.1 two days ago. How can I reverse back to Win 8?
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    Still, the Wi-Fi keep failing. I am using my old laptop to post this. What can I do to reverse back to Win 8?
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    This is a long shot but you could try to do a Factory Restore. Most computers these days come with an image built into a hidden partition on the hard drive which you can access from the BIOS splash screen using one of the Function keys.

    It's usually an image of how the system ships from factory. Since your system shipped with Win8, the factory image may let you roll back. It may still be an option depending on how you upgraded your system. If the upgrade wiped your hard drive, then call your computer manufacturer and ask for win8 disks for your system. They will make you pay assuming they will help.
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    Windows 8 is a bad system
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    Unfortunately there is no straight-cut way to do that. You can try seeking help in your laptop manufacturer's website.
    By the way, if I were you I would rather go back to Windows 7. (Which I actually did.) For most of the us, Windows 8 (or 8.1) is not an upgrade worth making and people are always complaining about this all over the internet.
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    I ended up recovered the computer, wiping everything and reload everything. I only have the computer for a few days, it's not that bad. Things work better since.

    Don't....I repeat......don't upgrade to 8.1, I can't even get the computer going. The wireless fail every 15 minutes, programs got stuck.................

    I still have some problem, at least I don't have to restart it every hour!!!

    Why in the world MS moved to Win8? I notice for a while, I cannot find computers with Win 7. But two months ago when I decided to buy a nice desktop for my wife, I notice they are selling Win 7 again!!! Must be too many complains!!!

    Right now, I have two laptops in front of me, I don't dare to turn off the Win 7 laptop as this one is just not reliable.
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    Regardless of what version of windows you employ, there will be a section in Control Panel (usually in Advanced Menus or Tabs) for controlling Power and the nature of Awake, Sleep, and Hibernation states. This section allows an Administrator to choose individual settings specific to different hardware, including but not limited to hard drives, graphics systems, network cards, etc.

    OP, it is likely when you "upgraded" the system reverted to defaults that are not specific to your hardware as specced by the manufacturer. I strongly suggest you not look for generic answers and look primarily and specifically for your brand and model's recommended settings. Simply including brand and model in a Google (or any other engine) search will narrow down the field of commentary to ones most useful to you.
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    This kind of complaint can seldom be diagnosed without knowing what kind of hardware you are running. Can you please identify the machine brand and model number? In particular, I've found HP laptops to have very bad drivers and they often do not behave well with Windows 8+, whereas I've found Dell laptops to do much better. Please identify!
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