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Black screen in Win 10 after sleep

  1. Dec 25, 2015 #1
    I just up graded my older Lenovo Ultrabook U310 from Win8.1 to Win10. It worked a lot better, no more instability like before. My only problem for now is black screen after putting it to sleep. I set it so it goes to sleep when I close the lid. I do that every night, but in the morning, 70% of the time it gave me black screen. I can hear the fan and the LED comes on. But without display, I can't tell what it is doing. Only thing I can do is push and hold the power button to turn the thing off and push to start it again.

    I looked on the web a little. Apparently I am not the only one. But the few suggestions I saw involved uninstall drivers and reinstall different drivers. I don't trust that to do it on my laptop. I trust this site more, can anyone help me?

    I did try hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del during black screen, nothing show up. So basically, I can't see anything.

    I went on Device Manager and check the drivers for all display related drivers. They all came back and said they are up to date and has the correct drivers.


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    Could you post your current settings?
    Control Panel -> Power Options

    Then, from the power plan page, select Change plan settings from the one that you have selected and show the current options that you have set.
    Finally, select "Change advance power settings" and show those as well.

    I would be expecially interested in this section:
    Power buttons and lid -> Lid close action
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    Thanks for the reply.

    On plugged in:
    Trun off the display: Never
    Put the computer to sleep: Never.
    Brightness: highest.

    On battery:
    Trun off the display: 5mins
    Put the computer to sleep: 10mins.
    Brightness: highest.

    I don't know how to copy the screen, this is the relate setting:

    Turn off disk after
    On battery: 10mins
    On plugged in: 20mins.

    Sleep after
    On battery: 10mins
    On plugged in: Never

    Hibernate after
    never on both.

    Power button and lid:
    Sleep on both.

    Turn off display
    On battery: 5mins
    On plugged in: never.

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    Is the laptop plugged in when you leave it over night?
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    Yes. I never run on battery except transporting from one room to the other which is only occasionally.

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    I also want to say. This laptop has never been reliable since day one. It WAS very inconsistent from day one with Win8 and 8.1. It was my wife's computer, she refused to use it after a while, I tried, it's not reliable enough. It is a I-5 3317 with 4G RAM. Still very new, but it's been sitting around. I up graded to Win10 three weeks ago, it is a whole lot better. It's a little slow compare with my other one, but basically everything seems ok except this black screen.

    I did run the memory and disk check on this twice, it came back saying it's passed all the test. So it doesn't not seem to be hardware issue.

    Win 10 seems to fix a lot of problems. There is a long thread here about my other Lenovo laptop that the window explorer stop working and nobody can figure it out here. I upgraded to Win10 and it's PERFECT ever since, no problem in two weeks with full time use and with Firefox, IE and Chrome running and on the web all day long.
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    If you haven't previously modified the settings, I would just try a few changes and see if you can get it to work better. You can always tell it to go back to the default settings if it gets messed up.

    The only time that I had a problem like this was when I had a corporate laptop that was encrypted. The encyption program wouldn't wake properly after the laptop's lid was closed. That was a while back so I don't remember if it was sleeping or hibernating.

    A couple of long shots to check:
    • I would also right click on the screen somewhere and look at the settings for your graphics. It could be that there is a secondary setting somewhere that isn't playing nice.
    • Note which programs are running and their memory usage when you close the lid. See if a certain program may not be waking properly.
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    Before I try anything, I forgot to say, I close the lid at night with Firefox and Chrome open. Even if black screen does not occur, both were closed, I had to click to restart them. It always ask me whether to reload the former page. Does that mean anything.

    My other Lenovo with Win10 wake up with all the stuffs intact, never has to reload the web page.
  10. Dec 25, 2015 #9
    I have not modify anything.

    I right click and Graphic Proterties, it shows Display, 3D, Options and Support, Video, Power and Profiles. What do you want me to look at?

    In Power, it said Balanced Mode.
    In Display, it said resolution:1366X768, reflesh rate 60p Hz, Rotation:0, scaling: maintain Display Scaling.

    I have Firefox 32bit using about 175MB, Chrome 32bit using 50MB. IAStorDataSvc: 150MB, system and compressed memory 110MB. All the others are smaller. I have 4G RAM.

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    I wasn't suggesting anything in particular. I would just look around and see what looks like it might possibly help. I would try different settings on the power options and see how they impact the ability to wake up correctly. And, as I wrote before, I would note which programs I left running overnight.
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    You have the strangest computers. o_O

    Try not leaving the browsers open and see if that helps. I have no idea why that would affect it but I would try it anyway.
  13. Dec 26, 2015 #12
    Ha ha, you can say that again!!! The other one with the window explorer problem never got resolved until I upgraded to Win10 and the problem disappeared. It's been to professional IT company that we contracted with, 8 pages here and my friend's help!!!

    My friend that help me on the other Lenovo actually came yesterday for the party and change all the setting and now to hibernate, still black screen!!! I need to stop buying Lenovo and stay with the HP. I don't think it's the brand, I think there is some truth about different people have different luck with different brands. We have like 6 HP laptops and desktop, everyone live to the ripe old ago until they are too old. I am crossing my finger my main laptop is behaving now, hope it stay that way!!!

    I'll try closing the blowsers next.
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