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Problem with round bottomed flask

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    urgent problem with round bottomed flask

    i have just done an organic experiment on the synthsesis of propanone. when i was dismantling the distillation instruments, the round bottomed flask on the isomantle was stuck, maybe because of a small spilage of the original acidified dichromate solution. it is currently stuck in the isomantle and will not budge. i've tried putting vaseline around the side of it but to no avail. can anyone help me with this?
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    This happens all the time at work. Try using some acetone, it may get in there and dissolve what ever is holding it together. The best thing though is to take a heating gun and heat up the joint until it gets very hot. That works 99% of the time.
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    i will try the acetone. thanks
    i would try heating it but it was very hot on the isomantle in the first place and it still would not budge so acetone it is, if i can get my hands on some!
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    My offer is very simple; just take a wooden object (tube holder, etc.) and hit the joint very gently and patiently. It will budge after some time. You may accelerate this by applying some grease on the joint and heating. My approach works especially with stuck caps.
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