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Problems for Robotics in Petroleum Engineering

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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to do a robotics/mechatronics project (topic still not decided), and I'd like to focus on a problem within petroleum engineering. However, I'm not too experienced within petroleum production (more of a robotics background), and I'm looking for areas where robotics are (or - preferably - can be) implemented.

    Does anyone know of general issues within the petroleum industry where robotic solutions could be implemented? Are there any major unresolved issues?

    Open for discussion about pretty much anything here.

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    data acquisition is currently a man-power intensive process, you should make a swarm-robotics solution for that
    other than that, the only tip I have for you is to read about the petroleum acquisition life cycle, and think about how to re-innovate any of the steps that seem like they could use re-innovation
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