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Problems in Undergraduate Physics?

  1. Aug 4, 2009 #1
    Problems in Undergraduate Physics???

    I recently found myself interested in Physics, especially solving physics problems, I want to serie "Problem in undergraduate Physics".
    v.I. Mechanics, by S. P. Strelkov [and] I. A. Yakovlev.
    v.II. Electricity and magnetism, by S. P.Strelkov, I. A. El'tsin, and S. E. Khaikin.
    v.III. Optics, by V. L. Ginzburg [and others]
    v.IV. Molecular physics, thermodynamics, atomic and nuclear physis, by V. L. Ginzburg [and other]
    How can I get these books in electronic format?? Since the library was lost so I am looking for an electronically eg gigapedia.org page style, and not found on this page.

    Someone can help me?
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