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Programming Language

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    After learning HTML&CSS, which do you reckon I should learn? Javascript, Python, C or Ruby?

    Also, how long would it take to master it assuming I spend full 3 hours each day?
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    How about Elm? It compiles to HTML+CSS+Javascript is poised to be the next big thing web programming.


    with tutorials at:


    If you want a more standard programming experience then go with Python.

    Lastly, I like using the Processing.org IDE. It can do Java but it has Python mode and some examples and can do fancy graphics.
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    Depends on what you want to do.

    That's like saying "I've learned English and French, what should I learn next?" It depends on if you want to do business in China or humanitarian causes in Africa.

    Are you making webpages, webservices, native applications? HTML and CSS are all webpage stuff, so you either want to continue developing web page code (javascript) or learn webservice code (PHP usually.)
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