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Programming Resources

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    New Programmers Start Here

    I thought I'd start this thread about useful sites programmers could go to if they needed general help or information about programming.

    This forum gets a lot of, "What programming language should I start off with?" or "How do I get started on PHP?" type questions.

    Great places to start are always:

    Programmers Heaven

    The Fellowship of Hobbyist Programmers

    For those looking for free tutorials and guides online:

    O'Reilly Resources
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    where got site to tech me directx SDK in details?
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    Saint, here are some resources for DirectX programming:


    The Open Source Alternative to DirectX is SDL and can be found here:


    SDL provides native 2d support and uses OpenGl for 3d support.

    With both of these packages be prepared to know serious c++. You must understand things like callback functions and be aware of object oriented programming.
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    could someone pls post a site for a tutorial (preferably interactive) for sml programming. I know it itsn't a language in very common use, but I have to learn it in my University. thanks for any help!
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    If u are a game developer and would like to use OpenGL lib, then u can check here

    it has some really good tutorials and examples to work with ...

    -- AI
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    Some game and graphics related programming links

    http://cone3d.gamedev.net - excellent SDL(2d), 3d(with opengl), and other tutorials
    http://www.clanlib.org - very easy to use, portable game api. Eases things like networking and graphics.
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    Free E-Books

    The following link contains free computer programming e-books by Bruce Eckel on C++ and Java, books that shouldn't be missed.
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    http://www.3dbuzz.com/ -various video tutorials, some free
    hxxp://www.bitme.org/ - cough, you didn't see me, right?
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